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About Batches


Explanation of batches
What is the hierarchy of batches?
When multiple batches are on file for the same transaction type, which batch is used?


Batches allow multiple users to enter, edit and post the same types of transactions simultaneously, while preventing multiple users from modifying or posting an individual transaction at the same time.


When only one batch ID for a particular transaction type is on file all users process transactions of that type using that batch ID.

When multiple batches for a transaction type are on file, the appropriate batch for each user is determined as follows:

  • User batch ID
  • Workgroup batch ID
  • DEFAULT batch ID
  • User-defined (but not user specific) batch ID

When entering a transaction and no user, workgroup or DEFAULT batch ID is on file for the for the specific transaction type the user is prompted to select a user-defined batch ID from the Batch Selection window.

With no user-defined batch ID on file the transaction cannot be entered until a batch has been added, which can be done from the Batch Selection window by clicking the Add button or hitting F2.


    • Use the Set up batches button on the Users form to create batches for specific user IDs.
    • Use the Set up batches button on the Company form to create DEFAULT batches for the whole company
    • Use the Set up batches button on the Workgroup form to create DEFAULT batches for the workgroup.
About Batches