Price rule not working with Random Weight barcode items

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Price rule not working with Random Weight barcode items


Price rule not working with Random Weight barcode items

Random weight barcodes not calculating correctly in a price rule.

Sale prices setup to work with random weight barcodes do not calculate the correct quantity.


The price assigned to the random weight barcode must align with the price assigned to the item in CounterPoint.

When the item's unit price is different than the random weight barcode's price the calculated quantity sold will be incorrect.


Using price rules (special, promotional, etc... prices) are not supported in CounterPoint SQL with random weight barcodes.

Make the item's unit price the same as the random weight barcode price to see the random weight barcode calculate the correct quantity.

From Online Help Topic: Random Weght Barcodes

  • Do not use price rules with items for which you want to use random weight barcodes. Using price rules in combination with random weight barcodes can result in incorrect quantities sold and incorrect inventory records for random weight items.
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