ERROR - RETRY attempting to authorize checks

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ERROR - RETRY attempting to authorize checks


ERROR - RETRY Host Error is returned when authorizing checks with Telecheck. 


  • Configuration issue, either on the processors' side or within NCR Counterpoint.
  • Data being entered improperly. Entries must be complete and unformatted, with no special characters. For example, Driver's License information should be entered without any dashes or special characters.


  • Confirm with the processor the merchant account is properly entitled for the 9-digit TeleCheck SE number. The account should be entitled as authorization only and Terminal Mode (not Host Mode).
  • If additional information is set to be required in Setup / System / Pay codes for the check pay code under 'MICR in use' Or 'MICR not in use', make sure the data is being manually entered correctly as shown on the check or driver's license.
  • Ensure check pay code is set to prompt for DL/DOB/ST when 'MICR not in use', it is required for manual entry.

*Note: Checks are not currently accepted if using NCR Secure Pay.

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