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 Credit Cards

How to disallow forced authorizations in Counterpoint

Summary: How to disallow forced authorizations in Counterpoint  Preventing users from manually entering an authorization code, when credit cards are declined or otherwise unable to be authorized. Cause: When an authorization is sent to NCR... Read More

About MasterCard terminal identification requirements

MasterCard® has issued requirements to ensure that merchants with multiple card reading devices within a single location must submit a unique Device ID number with each transaction to remain compliant and avoid fines from MasterCard.   ... Read More

Error: Host error. ERR:E SEQ#:#### RECTYP:# FLD#:##

Summary: Error when attempting to settle credit cards:   Warning: Funds will be lost if errors are not corrected.  The following errors occurred during settlement: Store: XXXX. Drawer: *, Batch #: # had the following error: Host Error... Read More

Error: AVS Mismatch

Summary: Error: AVS Mismatch when using Canadian or other non-US address formats Cause: This problem has been reported when processing credit cards through RBS Worldpay for customers with Canadian addresses where the State ID and Zip Code do not... Read More

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