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 Credit Cards

About Level 3 transaction qualification and NCR Secure Pay

Summary: Does NCR Secure Pay send information to the processor required for Level 3 transaction qualification? Solution: No. Level 3 processing requires additional transaction details to be sent to the processor. Currently Counterpoint and NCR... Read More

About MasterCard terminal identification requirements

MasterCard® has issued requirements to ensure that merchants with multiple card reading devices within a single location must submit a unique Device ID number with each transaction to remain compliant and avoid fines from MasterCard.   ... Read More

CVV2 / CVC2 / CID definitions and security

Summary: CVV2 / CVC2 / CID definitions and security Solution: A summary of the names of these security codes for the respective card types and their locations on the card are below: MasterCard – card validation code ("CVC2")... Read More

Error 10 when authorizing credit cards through RBS Lynk

Summary: Error 10 is received when authorizing credit cards through RBS Lynk. Cause: This error comes from the processor and usually indicates a problem with incorrect terminal ID's assigned to the store setup or the individual pay code. Solution:... Read More

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