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Error: Vendor not on File in Accounting Package (Quickbooks)


Error: Vendor not on file after exporting from Counterpoint into Quickbooks using the Export Vendors Utility. 


Setup issue. 


  • Verify that on the Vendor Record in Counterpoint that the AP Vendor # and Vendor Name matches the Vendor setup in Quickbooks. Compare setup with a Vendor that is not returning the error to match setup.
  • Verify the TERMS code and description for the vendor match what is in Quickbooks 
  • If any changes are made, it may be necessary to run: System > Accounting > Utilities > Import Vendors and run an update for the vendors that are already on file.
  • If A/P Vendor # field is used in CP, verify it is not the same as the Vendor Number. Per Online help: "Enter the number or code that identifies the vendor in the Accounts Payable module of your third-party accounting software, if it is different from the Vendor number value.


Error: Vendor not on File in Accounting Package (Quickbooks)