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Error: ’Can’t Record Invalid Transaction’ vouchering to Quickbooks


Can’t Record Invalid Transaction is returned when attempting to voucher payables to Quickbooks.



This error can be caused by problems with the setup of the Accounts Payable and/or Receivings Accrual accounts in Quickbooks, or with the vendor(s) for which vouchers have been created in the IIF file being interfaced.


  • Make sure that the vendor(s) in the IIF file for the vouchers being interfaced are on file in Quickbooks and are listed in the Vendor List. For the vouchers to be properly imported, the vendors in the IIF file must be in the Vendor list, not the Employee, Other or Customer list.

  • Check the Receivings Accrual account on the SPL line of the IIF file that is failing to import. This account should be defined as an Other Current Liability account in QuickBooks.

  • Check the A/P account specified on line 6 in CounterPoint under Setup/Accounting/Interface on the A/P Vouchers Output Format screen.  This account should be set up as the A/P account in QuickBooks.

Note: Check the Other Names list in Quickbooks and make sure that the vendor(s) are not shown here when troubleshooting this error if issues with the account setups have been ruled out.






Error: ’Can’t Record Invalid Transaction’ vouchering to Quickbooks