Error: Packet error 2 when using a PIN Pad

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Error: Packet error 2 when using a PIN Pad


Packet error 2 is returned when testing a PIN Pad or using a debit card paycode.  Packet ERR 2.


This message may be caused by a problem with the PIN Pad device setup, but this message is more commonly seen when the card reader used is programmed incorrectly.


DUKPT stands for Derived Unique Key Per Transaction and is currently the standard encryption protocol for use with debit cards. All PIN pads must meet the DUKPT encryption standards.

    • Check with the PIN Pad merchant or processor to ensure it was sent encrypted properly for the merchant and processor

If using New Device Famework, contact for assistance.

In Legacy Device Framework, follow these steps to configure CounterPoint to recognize data from a multi-track keyboard wedge MSR:

  • Select Setup/ Point of Sale/ Devices, click the Configure button on the MSR row and then click the Load device button
  • Select the Track1Keyboard (Wedge).MSR.xml file or the Track2Keyboard (Wedge).MSR.xml file, depending on which track should be read and then click Open.

NOTE: When processing debit cards track 2 information must be sent to the processor 

  • Verify the data preamble and postamble settings in Setup/ Point of Sale/ Devices are assigned correctly for the MSR device.

    For Track 1, the data preamble is % and the data postamble is ?.
    For Track 2, the data preamble is ; and the data postamble is ?.
  • Verify the baud rate is set to 9600. 
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