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ERROR 93 When Processing Debit Cards with RBS WorldPay


ERROR 93 When Processing Debit Cards with RBS WorldPay

Example from counterpoint.log

:STD: 2015-03-17T12:57:02.11095 DEBUG 97052 SecurePay (0) cardtype : VISADEBIT
:STD: 2015-03-17T12:57:02.12657 DEBUG 97052 SecurePay (0) phard_code : GENERICFAIL
:STD: 2015-03-17T12:57:02.12657 DEBUG 97052 BaseExtEdcProcessor (0) Radiant.Retail.Platform.ExtEdcProcessors.SecurePayReceipt
ErrorMessage=ERROR 93


This error message is returned from RBS WorldPay and indicates the merchant account is not enabled for Debit Processing.


  • Confirm the isc250 is encrypted for Debit: KB437
  • Confirm on the VAR Sheet received for the processor that the account is setup for Secure Pay (Monetra) / Either the Visa-k Platform, or [TCMP] platform if using EMV. This information should be in the header of the VAR.
  • Ensure there is a Sharing Group and Reimbursement attribute on the VAR.  If those parameters are not specified on the VAR Sheet, the account has not been enabled for Debit processing with RBS.
  • Contact NCR Merchant Services / RBS WorldPay to ensure Debit processing is enabled on the Account.  
    NCR Merchant Services (800-859-5965x1926)  
    RBS Elite group (877-634-6287)