’Use Default Customer’ is not enabled, but station still pulls a default customer

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’Use Default Customer’ is not enabled, but station still pulls a default customer


In Setup/Point of Sale/Stations, Use Default Customer is not checked; however, the stations are still pulling the default customer in Touchscreen Ticket Entry. 


Touchscreen Ticket Entry can't guarantee that a customer button is available, so it always fills in the default customer when there is one on file.  It is intentionally selected because you have defined your system to start at customer number, so we make it easy to overwrite the default with the actual customer for the ticket. 

The Use Default Customer setting in the station record does not apply if tickets are configured to begin at: Customer number (in Setup / Point of Sale / Stations / Main) 


  • In Setup / Point of Sale / Stations, select something other than 'Customer' for the Begin tickets at: selection.

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