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How to locate ’committed inventory’ for an item


If you have an unaccounted for quantity commented showing for an item. 


This is usually caused by a transaction posted by a user that is no longer active and the transaction has a batch number not available to the user searching for the transaction. 


The Committed Inventory report lists all transactions that affect the committed quantity for each item, as well as those that affect quantities on purchase orders, back orders, and transfers.

  • Select Inventory > Reports > Committed Inventory to display the Committed Inventory report parameter window. Use this window to select the sort order for the report and to specify additional criteria, including Item number and Location, to filter the items that appear on the report.

In addition, the Inventory form now includes the View Commitments button, which generates the Committed Inventory report for the Item number and Location that you are currently viewing. This button allows you to quickly review the transactions that determine the Qty committed and other quantity values displayed on the Inventory form, directly from the form itself.


How to locate ’committed inventory’ for an item