How to prevent selling item’s inventory into the negative.

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How to prevent selling item’s inventory into the negative.


How to prevent selling item's inventory into the negative. Can users be prevented from selling items into a negative quantity?  How to prevent selling into the negative, prevent quantity overrides.


  • Go to Setup/ Point of Sale/ Security Codes to edit the Point of Sale Security Code assigned to the user.
    • On the Line Items tab uncheck the Override Qty Restrictions checkbox.
  • In Setup/ Point of Sale/ Stores / Tickets-1 tab edit the Quantity Override Method to Disallow.
    • On the Line Items tab uncheck the Override Qty Restrictions checkbox.

NOTE: Stations setup with a Default Entry Mode of Fast will automatically use a quantity of 1 for each line item. The current quantity on hand for the item is not considered.

NOTE: There are other functions such as kit processing, importing Ecommerce orders, transfers, returns to vendor, etc, which can put an item's quantity on hand to a negative amount.


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