How to add images for Items or Customers

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How to add images for Items or Customers


How to add images for Items or Customers


  • Item images are stored in: Radiant Systems\CounterPoint\CPSQL.1\Toplevel\[Company]\Configuration\ItemImages
    Customer images are stored in: Radiant Systems\CounterPoint\CPSQL.1\Toplevel\[Company]\Configuration\CustomerImages
  • The syntax for the file names is [number].[filetype], where [number] is the item or customer number, and [filetype] is the format (such as .bmp, .mp3, .avi, etc.)

For example:  An image file for item number "ABC" would be: ABC.bmp or ABC.jpg.

Image filenames may also be [number][^][anything].[filetype], where the carat (^) symbol follows the item or customer number along with additional optional characters.

For example:  Item ABC could have image files named ABC^1.jpg, or ABC^examplename.bmp.

  • If an item or customer has multiple image files, the (alphabetically) first image file without a carat will be auto-displayed. Any additional image files may then be viewed using the image navigation buttons.
  • For numeric items and customers, image filenames can be with or without leading zeroes.
  • For items and customers with characters that are invalid for a filename, omit the invalid characters from the image filename.


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