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Encryption method used for processing Offline .xml files


What type of encryption is used for credit card data in Offline Ticket Entry xml files?


NCR CounterPoint uses the industry standard Blowfish algorithm to encrypt all sensitive data. All encryption is performed in 16 rounds using a 448 bit key, the maximums allowed.

Encrypted data includes a unique dynamically generated cryptographic salt derived from the row’s unique primary key.  The Key ID is an index indicating to Counterpoint that the data is encrypted within the software which has the private key to decrypt the data.

The private key is encrypted and stored in source form. It is only decrypted at runtime when needed, then disposed of, and is never visible in plain text form.

The context-specific key is provided by the application based on the data being encrypted, e.g. the primary key field values of the database row being stored. This ensures that all encrypted data uses a unique encryption key of the maximum length allowed.

Encryption method used for processing Offline .xml files