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information.png NCR Counterpoint

Operating Systems certified for use with NCR Counterpoint

Summary: Operating Systems certified for use with NCR Counterpoint Supported Operating Systems for use with NCR Counterpoint (Server and Workstation) Solution: Servers: Windows XP Professional with SP2 (32-bit only) NOTE: XP Professional is not... Read More

NCR Counterpoint and PCI Compliance

Summary: NCR CounterpointThe NCR Counterpoint application is PCI compliant and is listed on the PCI DSS site. Please note that although applications are listed with only 2 levels all versions are PCI compliant (for example, 8.3 is listed but all... Read More

About ordering User ID Cards / User Login Cards

Summary: How to order User ID cards What format is used to swipe User Cards Solution: In order to use the User ID card capabilities of CounterPoint in 8.4.6 and later, login cards that are properly encoded to work with Counterpoint are required... Read More

Error: Counterpoint is running in Demo mode.

Summary: Error: CounterPoint is running in Demo mode. Cause: This message is given when CounterPoint SQL has not been registered.When in demo mode CounterPoint is limited to 100 item records and 50 customer records.For Demonstration... Read More

Error: Unable to load DLL ’penimc.dll’

Summary: Error logging into Counterpoint on a Windows 10 workstation:  Microsoft .NET Framework  Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. If you click continue , the application will ignore this error and... Read More

Error: Message not found (IMMERGEDIMSMISMATCH)

Summary: Gridded Item Merge error: Message not found (IMMERGEDIMSMISMATCH) Problem: The gridded items being merged to not have the same grid dimension tags.  Solution: Update the item so that the grid dimension tags are the same.  Per... Read More

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