Ingenico isc250 will not display image

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Ingenico isc250 will not display image


Ingenico isc250 will not display image



Force reload. The ingenico_isc250.ini file stores the status of the last ad image that was loaded to the device.   Clearing this status will cause CP to re-load the stock image.

  • Log out of Counterpoint 
  • Copy and rename the ingenico_isc250.ini to ingenico_isc250.ini_OLD (found in: C:\Program Files (x86)\NCR\Device Services API\ConfigurationData\Ingenico_iSC250.ini). Then clear the contents of the ingenico_isc250.ini file.
  • Save the changes
  • Log back into Counterpoint.
  • Once the device loads, the updated 8.5 Counterpoint Logo should now be displayed on the device.

Note that the image needs to be 480x272 and named iSC250_AD1.jpg or iSC250_AD1.png

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