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Steps to add Scanner / Scale 7895 in NCR CounterPoint


Steps to add Scanner / Scale 7895 (CP 


See attached document for steps. This was tested /certified on CX7 and XR5, in

Also note from a partner solution that if you are having issues adding a <TAB> or <ENTER> suffix. To get it to work using the Config.xml file… rather than setting in the Scan123 software. 

<SDFDEF SdfCode='0' SdfFormat='DATA'/>
<SDFDEF SdfCode='1' SdfFormat='DATA.SUFFIX1'/>
<SDFDEF SdfCode='2' SdfFormat='DATA.SUFFIX2'/>
<SDFDEF SdfCode='3' SdfFormat='DATA.SUFFIX1.SUFFIX2'/>
<SDFDEF SdfCode='4' SdfFormat='PREFIX1.DATA'/>
<SDFDEF SdfCode='5' SdfFormat='PREFIX1.DATA.SUFFIX1'/>
<SDFDEF SdfCode='6' SdfFormat='PREFIX1.DATA.SUFFIX2'/>

Full Documentation on the 7895 Scanner/Scale:

NCR Online Information Product - [Product Class]


Calibration Information:

NCR Online Information Product - Calibration Procedures


Tracking Information:

WIT# CP-10105
Found in: 8.5.x
Fixed in: (documentation to be included in release) 

Steps to add Scanner / Scale 7895 in NCR CounterPoint
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