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CPMobile Error: Server Error - Operation Aborted


Error completing a ticket in CPMobile after updating to  Server Error - Operation Aborted 

Full error from logs:
ERROR 3592 MobilePOSSupportSvc system.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x8000FFFF): Operation aborted at CPMobile.PSDocumentManagerClass.TotalDocument(String DocToTotal, String& DocWithTotals, String& DocDetails)


  • Change sale rep is not selected in Setup / Point of Sale / Security Codes.
  • Point of Sale user is not selected in Setup / System / Users / Point of Sale User

CPMobile has to reconcile the User security, the POS Security, and the Store Sales rep configuration. The sales rep feature in CPMobile was introduced with CPMobile v2.4 in Counterpoint and 8.5.2.


Ensure that both Change sales rep and Point of Sale user are selected.  Once enabled, restart cpservices on the application server and restart the CPMobile application. 

Note: Users that are not allowed to change the sale rep but are POS users will also encounter this error message because CPMobile does not support MGR Overrides and a valid sales rep value is required for transacting.


CPMobile Error: Server Error - Operation Aborted