***As of Jan 4th 2021**** Worldpay TCMP processing: End of Counterpoint Merchant Program - Patch

As communicated previously, NCR is discontinuing the Counterpoint Merchant Program (CMP) benefits for WorldPay TCMP in 2021.  As part of this, Counterpoint v8.5.6.6 included some changes which may require you to take action to continue processing credit cards.  If you (a) run Counterpoint v8.5.6.6, (b) use WorldPay TCMP, and (c) do not have the Credit Cards Option, then you must install this registry update before 4/Jan/2021.  If you are on Counterpoint v8.5.6.5 or earlier or use a processor other than Worldpay TCMP or have the Credit Cards option registered (you can verify this under Setup / System / Registration), then no changes are needed.

The WorldPay CMP fix for is available for download from our ftp site using the following credentials:

User: cp85patch
Pswd: GoNCRhrk58

If you want to download the patch via a browser instead, you can use the following link:

Please be aware that this must be run on any system that is running Counterpoint.exe (LAN workstations, WAN terminal servers, Offline workstations, etc.)