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telephone.png CPDialup

CPDialup Error: Connection Failure

Summary: The message Connection failure is given when attempting to authorize credit cards with CPDialup. Cause: This message indicates the computer attempting to authorize cannot communicate with the CPDialup Server. Solution: The Primary dialup... Read More

CPDialup Error: Unable to connect

Summary: The message Unable to connect is given when attempting to authorize credit cards using CPDialup. Cause: This message can have several causes including: The CPDialup service is not installed properly or is not running. Incorrect... Read More

Error: Incorrect function

Summary: Error: Incorrect function testing CPDialup Cause: This message is given when trying to test the modem from the Dialup Server Configuration utility (DialupConfig.exe).This message means the test could not communicate with the modem and... Read More

Error: No Carrier

Summary: Error: No Carrier using CPDialup to authorize or settle credit cards. Cause: Most commonly due to an issue with the type of phone line being used. Solution: A 'POTS' analog line must be used.  Digital / hybrid / emulated /... Read More

Error: No TAPI device selected

Summary: The message No TAPI device selected is given when attempting to authorize a credit card through CPDialup. Cause: This message is typically given when a configuration change has been made in the Dialup Server Configuration utility. Solution... Read More