About customer prompts on the payment terminal (iSC250) when using EMV

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About customer prompts on the payment terminal (iSC250) when using EMV


When using EMV:

  • Customer is prompted to enter a Language after inserting credit card 
  • Customer is (or is not) prompted to sign on the iSC250, and no signature confirmation appears in Counterpoint. 
  • Signature threshold is no longer an option, and is not configurable in Counterpoint. **see below**
  • Customer is prompted for PIN entry when using a dipped/CHIPPED credit card, but merchant does not accept Debit.


Once a merchant is configured to use EMV the prompts that appear to the customer are initiated through Uniterm, Counterpoint no longer controls what the customer is (or is not) prompted for on the Ingenico iSC250 payment terminal. 

    • The language selection is embedded in chip card itself; it is the chip in the card that determines if this prompt will appear.  This is a prompt that comes directly from Uniterm.  There is no way to prevent this from showing in NCR Counterpoint.  If the customer is presented with this it is suggested they report it to the card issuer.

    •   These Pay Code options are no longer recognized, Uniterm will override these previously configurable options.  

    • The Signature threshold is no longer an option when using EMV.   
      An enhancement request has been entered to have this considered in a future release  - CP-6300 (no ETA). 
      Email Support.SQL@NCR.com to have a tracking ticket created to be added to the list of requestors for this change.

NOTE: Signature prompts can be turned off or on (for all sales) in the NCR Secure Pay portal, if 8.54.1 or greater. Otherwise, the signature prompt may or may not appear based on processor requirements and or chip configuration.

    • EMV chip cards are programmed by the issuer to ask for EITHER signature or PIN. This is not a debit PIN, but a PIN that the cardholder sets up prior to using the card. Counterpoint does not currently accept chip DEBIT cards. All chipped / inserted card transactions will be processed as type: Credit.  If prompted for a pin when using an EMV CREDIT card, that means the issuing bank has programmed the card to use a PIN for authentication. The cardholder should have received communication from the issuer (notice, letter, sticker on card) upon receipt of the card to indicate this. A customer cannot use the card if they are prompted for a PIN and have not yet assigned a PIN to that card. If the customer has not yet set up the PIN or if the PIN is unknown, then another form of payment should be used.


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