CPDialup Error: Unable to connect

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CPDialup Error: Unable to connect


The message Unable to connect is given when attempting to authorize credit cards using CPDialup.


This message can have several causes including:

    • The CPDialup service is not installed properly or is not running.
    • Incorrect phone numbers are defined for the Processor.
    • Issues with the modem or modem initialization string.
    • Problems with the phone line being used for the dialup server.


For instructions on setting up CPDialup, please refer to the NCR Counterpoint Online help section Credit Cards\CPDialup.  Steps 6-8 include instructions for setting up modems, installing the CPDialup service, and configuring the dialup server and modems.

    • Confirm that the correct CPDialup service for the merchant's credit card processor has been installed as per instructions in the online help.  Use Administrative Tools\Services or services.msc from Start\Run to confirm the service is running. Example:  For RBS Worldpay, the service is named 'CPDialupLynk'
    • Contact the credit card processor to confirm that the primary and secondary phone numbers configured in dialupconfig are correct for the merchant's account.
    • Confirm that the modem init string from modems.ini is correct for the modem being used, i.e, the USRobotics External 56K V92 modem has an initialization string defined in modems.ini for this device.  This would show up in the MODEM= parameter in CPDialup.ini.
    • Confirm that an analog phone line is being used and if necessary, have the phone company perform a scope on the line to check for signal interference which may be causing connection problems.

Note:  This problem has been reported with CPDialup where digital or simulated analog phone lines were being used by the dialup server.  CPDialup is only compatible with a true analog phone line.

If this message is observed and problems with the dialup service, modem, and phone numbers have been investigated, confirm with your telephone service provider that you have a 'POTS' line (aka - plain old telephone service).

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