Implementing NCR Secure Pay / General Questions

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Implementing NCR Secure Pay / General Questions


Information needed to implement NCR Secure Pay. General Questions


Q. Is new hardware required to switch to NCR Secure Pay?

---- No, existing hardware can be used when switching from CPGateway to NCR Secure Pay, unless the merchant is implementing P2PE (point-to-point encryption). 

Q. Is the Credit Card registration option required to use NCR Secure Pay?

---- Merchants using the NCR Merchant Services program (RBS World Pay) will not need the credit card option for NCR Secure Pay. For other processors the credit card option will be required as is the case with current CPGateway Merchants.

Q. Can NCR Secure pay be used at some stores only, while others use CPGateway?

---- Yes, the payment gateway can now be designed by store on the Credit Cards tab of Setup/Point of Sale/Stores and can be set to a unique card processing service.

Q.  Can NCR Secure Pay be used in Legacy Device Framework?

---- Yes, however P2PE devices are not supported using legacy framework and would require a switch to new device framework.

Q. Is Check authorization available using NCR Secure Pay?

---- No, not at this time.

Q. Will orders created with CPGateway still process when switched to NCR Secure Pay?

---- Yes! Payment data for transactions that originated at a CPGateway store can be accessed at NCR Secure Pay
stores that share the same company database.

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