CPMobile: Barcode number is displayed instead of the item number when scanning an item


Problems scanning items in NCR Counterpoint Mobile using the Socket Mobile 7ci scanner.  When scanning an item in CPMobile using a Socket Mobile 7ci scanner, the barcode is displayed instead of the item number.


This problem has been reported when the Socket Mobile scanner is programmed in HID Keyboard entry mode.  The scanner must be programmed for iOS mode to work with NCR Counterpoint Mobile.


Instructions for configuring the Socket Mobile scanner for use with NCR Counterpoint Mobile can be found here

The Socket Mobile scanner can be programmed for HID-KB (keyboard transparent), SPP (serial port protocol) mode, and iOS mode.  If the iOS Notes application is used and a barcode which is scanned is displayed, the device is in HID-KB mode.  Make sure the scanner is not paired with the iOS device via bluetooth when programming the device for iOS mode.  If there are problems using the 1D iOS programming code which is available within the NCR Counterpoint Mobile application, try scanning the barcode from the Quick Start guide provided with the scanner.


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Created: June 2, 2015
Last Updated: June 8, 2016

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