Bank Deposits from Credit Card Processor Do Not Match Batch Totals From NCR Counterpoint


Credit card batches are settled successfully in NCR Counterpoint, but bank deposits from the processor are broken out into debit and credit transactions and contain transactions from multiple days.


This has been reported when using RBS Worldpay as the credit card processor and is usually due to a setting on the merchant's account on the processor's side. We send all transactions to the processor in one batch per settlement. If the deposits from the processor do not match the batch totals settled from NCR Counterpoint, most likely there is a configuration issue on the processor's side.


Check with the processor to see if they have the "debit card next day process" feature enabled which automatically settles debit cards prior to a specified cutoff time on the merchant's account. Any debit cards processed after the specified cutoff time would settle the next day.


Posted - March 31, 2015. This article has been viewed 2374 times.
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