Rights granted by selecting ’Point of Sale Manager’ on a User’s record


Point of Sale Manager rights

What is the difference between a Point of Sale manager and Non-Point of Sale managers.

Rights given with the ’Point of Sale Manager’ option selected (in Setup / System / Users)


  • Point of sale managers can do the following:
      • Perform the security overrides for which they are authorized for other users in Ticket Entry and Touchscreen Ticket Entry.
      • Can use the Override button to enter their user ID and password.

        For example: If the Point of Sale manager has permission to override prices then the user may then change the price of the line item for that line item only.

  • Users who are not Point of Sale Managers can only perform security overrides for themselves.
    • For example: A user without the permission to change the price of a line item receives a permission error.


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