What causes cost corrections to be created in Counterpoint?


What causes cost corrections to be created in Counterpoint? 


The typical scenario for a cost correction is when a receiving is posted and the Quantify On Hand changes from zero/negative to positive. A cost correction is created to "fix" G/L for the incorrect cost of the units (presumably) sold at an incorrect cost when the item went into negative Quantify On Hand. Cost corrections can also occur due to rounding issues. For a receiving, the QTY_ON_HND_BEFORE column in the PO_RECVR_HIST_LIN table can be checked to confirm the quantity was zero/negative before the receiving was posted.  


The attached doc explains some other scenarios that can result in cost corrections. Also, the Accounting Distributions section of the NCR Counterpoint Online Help details additional information on cost corrections for different modules (Point of Sale, Purchasing, etc.).






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