Releasing an order with a Gift Card deposit creates a duplicate SY_GFC_ACTIV entry


If an order with a deposit paid by gift card is released, it creates a new entry in SY_GFC_ACTIV for a duplicate amount. Users are unable to balance the SY_GFC current amounts to the activity amount totals because of this. 


Steps to recreate:

  • In Point of Sale / Tickets / Ticket Entry, create an order and pay a deposit using the Gift Card Pay code, bringing the current balance on the card to zero.
  • In Ticket Entry / Orders, bring up previous order and select the previous order, select to release it, leaving the deposit amount entered by default.
  • Check the sy_gfc balance on the card and the sum of the amounts in sy_gfc_activ, they do not balance.


Verified Fixed in CPSQL_8.5.3

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Fixed in:8.5.3

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