DXRE Upgrade File Not Found


DXRE Upgrade File Not Found. 


This usually indicates a internet communication problem like a blocked port or address



Did you Know that the DXRE931Server.exe was not in the CPSP8566.exe but was a link to the FTP site to downloaded it. Just learned that myself.


In the CPSP85(66).exe is a file called the GETDXRE.VBS and it references a link to the FTP site to download DXRE931Server.exe.
The code is
DestFolder = "C:\Users\pc185069\AppData\Local\Temp\DXRETMP"
DestFile = "DXRETMP\DXRE931Server.exe"
URL = ftp://dxre9:GoNCR1dgn@files165.cyberlynk.net/DXRE931Server.exe


It is recommend that the server have access to that address.


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