Multisite issue ODBC Error -1, SY_NSP_LOG table is failing replication, with an “Unable to update”


If you are recieving the following any of the following:
E 12b0 1212-11:30:00 dom 35003 ODBC Error -1: (00000) '' <0,SQLSetPos>
Unable to update record from table SY_NSP_LOG
Unable to update record from table PO_ORD_HDR 





This error in the logs indicates a DXRE version issue. Even though the installation might show both sites at version is 9.3
ODBC Error -1: (00000) '' <0,SQLSetPos>


This is either a problem with the install where it did not update the dll or something is corrupt with the new files.
Either way it might require reinstalling the new DXRE or trying to copy the new dll over.


Look in the hub and remote DXRE directories below and confirm the properties of the dll version on each
C:\Program Files (x86)\DXSTRO\DataXtend\bin\dxsqls28r.dll should be version v8.0.2.228
C:\Windows\SysWOW64\dxsqls28.dll should be version v8.0.2.228


Also, do not forget that the server needs to be restarted (not just DXRE) to take effect.

Related to CP-8490


Related to CP-8490

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