Multi-Site error ’Unable to lock table dIDB for ID Block exchange’ in replication logs


Multi-Site error 'Unable to lock table dIDB for ID Block exchange' in replication logs.

The pduser.dIDB table stores information for managing implementation of globally unique IDs (GUIDs).
NextID — Next GUID value for the specified record generated by the Replication Engine.




It can usually be cleared by stopping and restarting the DXRE service and agent at both the Hub and the Remote(s).
CP Support recommends manually updating stats and indexes on the Hub and Remote database(s) then restarting DXRE.


After completing the above steps if replication continues to hang please clear the logs on the Hub and one failing remote. Then replicate and send me the logs from the Hub and the remote.
Please respond to this email and I will send you a file transfer link for the logs.


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