How to view the price rule applied to a line item in Ticket Entry or Touchscreen

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How to view the price rule applied to a line item in Ticket Entry or Touchscreen


View price details in Regular and Touchscreen Ticket Entry

Is there a way to see if contract, promotional or special pricing is applied to a line item while logged into Ticket Entry or Touchscreen?


The View Price Details line function can be used to view contract, special, or promotional price groups applied to an item. This function is available in Regular Ticket Entry under the line menu when using the Default user scheme in user preferences.  If the Simple scheme is being used, View Price Details can be added to the toolbar by customizing the toolbar and adding the selection from available fields for lines.

In Touchscreen, the touchscreen code can be customized to include a button action for View Price Details.  

To use this function, scroll to or click on the line item being reviewed for price details so that it is the 'active line', then use the lines menu selection View price details (default scheme) or the toolbar selection (simple scheme) in Regular Ticket Entry or by pressing the button action on the line to be viewed in Touchscreen Ticket Entry.  Available fields include: Price Method, Price Group Description, Price Rule Description, Qty Priced, Unit Price, and Cell.

Note: A very important tool outside of Ticket Entry is the Price Test Utility. This is located under Inventory\Utilities\Price Test. This utility can be used to show expected pricing and loyalty program outputs based on user inputs such as customer, item number, qty, unit, store, ship-from location, price-from location, and date.

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